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Update, and Weasely [Feb. 6th, 2004|07:06 pm]
Gregory Goyle
[mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

Well, well. My housemates, or rather my old ones had practically threatened me to hang me if I didn't post in my journal as soon as possible. As seeing as I would like to have my neck with my body, I'm doing an update. Not that it will be that much of an update. They didn't tell me what type of post they wanted from me. So, tough.
You know. I found something out. It was bloody hilarious when I first heard it. Apparently, one should pay attention to Weasely, the Slytherin king as what he prefers in certain things. A Weasely that won't live to his name and produce more offsprings. Of course, that isn't a bad thing. Maybe it means that one day, they'll wipe out their family heritage in the wizarding world. Would be ever pleasing. No more Weaselys running around the wizarding world. After all, they're not exacty intelligent, a bit on the dumb side, really.
Just found it hilarious, thought I would mention it.
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(no subject) [Oct. 29th, 2003|04:26 pm]
Gregory Goyle
[mood |hungryhungry]

My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
slytherin_goyle goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as someone.
inconstant_moon gives you 19 teal blueberry-flavoured gummy bears.
lurker_blaise gives you 7 light green passionfruit-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
mimi_elf gives you 13 red-orange passionfruit-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
nicotinestained gives you 8 blue chocolate-flavoured hard candies.
notpugfaced tricks you! You lose 1 pieces of candy!
onlypadma gives you 9 light yellow tropical-flavoured nuggets.
rontastic tricks you! You get a rock.
solelysnape gives you 16 orange tropical-flavoured pieces of taffy.
sparklehannah gives you 12 pink watermelon-flavoured gumdrops.
swish_n_flick gives you 15 light blue cherry-flavoured pieces of bubblegum.
slytherin_goyle ends up with 98 pieces of candy, and a rock.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

Geez. All this candy you guys gave me is making me very hungry. Must eat them now. :D
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(no subject) [Oct. 27th, 2003|07:01 pm]
Gregory Goyle
[mood |amusedamused]

I did not have any great ideas for a costume for the Halloween Ball. So I decided to ask Professor Snape for some ideas.

And, let me tell you. It's a bloody great idea. Though, I'm not sure if it would get me in trouble or something. I think not, though. I can tell that it's going to be the best Halloween Ball since I got here, at least in my opinion, anyway.

Ah, I'm getting into the excitement of going to the Halloween Ball. Wonderful. Must remember to owl Father and see if he could buy some things that I'll need. Hmm.
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(no subject) [Oct. 23rd, 2003|08:03 pm]
Gregory Goyle
[mood |frustratedfrustrated]

I do not like this at all.

Yesterday, I tried to find Potter after classes was over. But I could not find him anywhere. I needed to talk to him about Qudditch tryouts.

I could not find him. I even resorted to ask Granger if she knew where Potter was, as seeing as they are best friends. But, Granger did not respond to me, which annoyed the bloody hell out of me.

I'm going to try my damnest to find Potter outside classes tomorrow or else, something will happen.
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(no subject) [Oct. 22nd, 2003|11:15 am]
Gregory Goyle
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

I finally got the chance to talk to some friends who is in other houses. It was nice. Talked to Vince. I don't understand why they spilt him and me up. Honestly. At least, they could do that. Leaving me with those annoying housesmates.. with the expectation of Granger, I suppose.

So, Professor Sinistra gave her speech to the House. Wasn't too bad. Wasn't Professor Snape, though. Not that I expected her to be. But, still.. it's just not the same.. I just wish that this project had not happened at all. There's no point. We was getting along just fine before. I understand the adults' points. I just don't care about bloody unity. We'll make friends with who we want to. Guess we'll just have to trust them that they know what they are doing with this project.

So Bloody Potter is the team captain for Slytherin. Honestly, why wasn't I surprised? What's next? Becoming Head Boy along with Granger? I do not like this. But, I will be damned if I hex him to hell. I'll have to find him later tonight to see about tryouts, practices, etc. Did I mention that I do not like this idea at all?

Professor Sinistra also proposed a homework club for Sunday afternoons, can you believe this? What is the point? I mean. One just asks someone who is pretty good in a subject to help. I mean, I'll even ask Granger for help if I had to. I have been hearing from other professors that it would be good and it would contribute to the project. Sod it all to house unity. We get along just fine, for Merlin's sakes.

I think they did this project to try to see if they could drive somebody mad. I'm telling you, myself with a house with full of.. well.. crazy people, to put it nicely. Granger is the only one who seems to be able to keep herself at the side of sanity. This is those times that I wish I could of transfferred to another house, at least there would be some Slytherins to hang out with.

I do not like this project at all. Not this moment in time. Sod it all.
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(no subject) [Oct. 19th, 2003|07:44 pm]
Gregory Goyle
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

It has been only a day since the bloody project was in effect.

I cannot believe Harry bloody Potter and Hermione muggle-born Granger is in the Slytherin House. And, they keep whining about the freaking cold that's not there!

The new dorm mates is driving me insane. Sometimes, I feel I want to move to Gryffindoor Tower just so I could be with Vincent and have the same Head of House.

But, I'm going to do my best and just move on. There is no point to try to get my fellow housemates in trouble because we will lose Slytherin points and that's not going to happen. I'll be determined to have the Slytherin House win the House Cup this year.
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